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Applications for business, integration with existing business systems, the construction of the Professional stores, ERP and CRM etc.

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All what you need. We can make for you any applications from each feature that you need. Constant technical support and application development, will make that the application will be ready for anything.

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Fill in the form correctly and describe your idea and we certainly will contact you.

How we work?

We have a very simple operation. Fill out a form reporting to our system project. Remember that your email address is correct because it is through it our programmer will contact you and determine the details, valued program and establish deadlines.The operation is free and you can cancel without any consequences.

When the first stage is successful, the system will generate a special web address. From that moment we will start working on a project and you will have instant access to the project.

Applications that we did


Jyll Website

Design & Developer

Website on which the operating system.



Publisher & Developer

We will create a special operating system, which is dedicated for developers. We are a company that not only develops applications to standards-based but we are setting their own.


Jyll Software

Design & Publisher & Developer

Quick app management operating system, will help it adjust the computer to work depending on whether the computer will be used to write documents, programs, creating music or programming.

And many other

If you let your application will also be here